I Stay on Pavement

     Driving Academy L.L.C.



The Gold Standard in Adolescent Driver Education




I Stay on Pavement Driving Academy L.L.C. (hereafter referred to as I.S.P. Driving Academy) is a beginning driver licensing program.  The business seeks to serve students in the Kootenai County area.


I.S.P. Driving Academy is dedicated to preparing mature adolescents for safe negotiation of public roadways and observance of all traffic laws.


Additionally, I.S.P. Driving Academy seeks to be an asset to the community for many years to come.  The longevity of the business will be served by providing leadership and quality instruction in the process of developing confident drivers.



I.S.P. Driving Academy is in no way affiliated with the Idaho State Patrol, its agents, representatives, and/or programs.