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Class Schedule


The required six-week course at I Stay on Pavement Driving Academy L.L.C. (herein referred to as I.S.P. Driving Academy) meets for lecture twice a week on Mondays and Tuesdays from 5:30 to 8:00 pm (please see the Location link for details).


In general, drive times will be after school Monday through Friday; and weekend mornings as needed while standard academics are in session.  During the summer, the drive times will be flexible.  A sign up sheet for drive times will be handed out on the first day of class.  All students will be picked up and dropped off at the Post Falls High School for their scheduled drive times. 


Up coming classes are as follows:


June 10, 2019 - class is full


December 2019


Future dates to be announced


I.S.P. Driving Academy reserves the right to change the class starting date due to inclement weather, unforeseen circumstances, and/or class size.


Additionally, it may be necessary to change a few students drive times due to work related delays. The instructor, Pete Bowes, is still serving as a Police Officer and occasionally his work may delay his arrival at the High School for scheduled drive times. If this should happen, the effected students will be contacted as soon as reasonably possible and their drive times rescheduled.  


I.S.P. Driving Academy will make a reasonable effort to accommodate student athletes, however missing lecture could result in failure of the course.  Before committing to a course date, please review the Course Requirements.




I.S.P. Driving Academy is in no way affiliated with the Idaho State Patrol, its agents, representatives, and/or programs.