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The Gold Standard in Adolescent Driver Education






The Idaho Transportation Department estimates 1,421 lane miles in the 7,752 square miles of land within Kootenai County.  As such, driving is an essential part of residents’ lives, and competent new drivers are expected to negotiate traffic with ease.


To ensure parent(s)’ peace of mind, I Stay on Pavement Driving Academy L.L.C. (herein referred to as I.S.P Driving Academy) seeks to establish a trusting relationship with the instructor, Pete Bowes, the student, and the parent(s).  This is based on Pete Bowes’ expertise and his commitment to instruction of the student.



After 20 years of combined patrol and detective experience, Mr. Bowes ended his highway law enforcement career to apply his technical skills toward teaching young adults to drive.  Mr. Bowes is also commissioned by the Spokane Police Department as a Resource Officer at Rogers High School.


Given Mr. Bowes’ nine years of employment history with the Idaho State Patrol, he is especially qualified and versed in Idaho law and regulation, and will maintain his first goal of placing the most competent young drivers onto Idaho’s roads with the skills they need to be safe and successful.


Mr. Bowes was graduated by North Idaho Community College with an Associate of Science Degree in Biological Science in 2003 and received his Driver Education Instructor Certification from the University of Idaho in September of 2006.  He is a long standing resident of Kootenai County and has coached Little League and Varsity Baseball.



I.S.P. Driving Academy understands the importance of parental reassurance when introducing a new driver to the roadway.  Pete Bowes has three children of his own that have learned to drive.  He understands and is exceedingly familiar with Idaho transportation laws and safety regulations.  His 29 years of daily driving experience have the added benefit of 20+ years in highway law enforcement.  He can effectively communicate to both parents and students, and has compassion for the young driver.


His ability to recognize potential road hazards and explain safety requirements is unparalleled by any other driving instructor.



His life experiences and previous employment history make him an incredible asset to the driving instruction market.  Additionally, Mr. Bowes takes exceptional pride in preparing a young driver for Idaho’s roadways.





I.S.P. Driving Academy is in no way affiliated with the Idaho State Patrol, its agents, representatives, and/or programs.