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State Requirements


The State of Idaho requires that all student drivers be at least 14 ˝ years of age before enrolling in driver's training.  During driver's training, the student must spend a predetermined amount of time observing, driving, and in lecture to obtain a learning permit by which they can further obtain a driver license.  This requirement is six hours behind the wheel, six hours in the car observing another student drive, and 30 hours of classroom instruction.  Classroom size shall not exceed 36 students, and because of federal regulations no more than three students shall be in the vehicle at any one time. 


During the Driver's Training Course offered by I Stay on Pavement Driving Academy L.L.C. (hereafter referred to as I.S.P. Driving Academy) the student can only drive with the instructor, Pete Bowes.  If the student should be caught driving with any other person – including an instructor from another school – the student’s training permit will be suspended and that student may have to wait until he/she is 17 years of age to apply for a driver's license.  


The State of Idaho requires that a student must have a grade of 80% or higher in three aspects to pass the course: attitude, behind the wheel driving, and written exams.  If a student should present with a deficiency in any aspect, I.S.P. Driving Academy is willing to work with said student on an individual basis to overcome it if at all possible.


After the student has completed the Driver's Training Course with I.S.P. Driving Academy (or any other Certified Driving School) the student must drive for six months and log 50 hours of driving – ten of which are to be at night.  The student cannot apply for a driver’s license prior to the six month practice driving period, irregardless of the number of hours logged driving. 


Further questions should be directed to the Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles and/or the Driver’s License Bureau.




I.S.P. Driving Academy is in no way affiliated with the Idaho State Patrol, its agents, representatives, and/or programs.